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Fighters in Your Corner

If you have been arrested in connection with a crime, you need a strong advocate in your corner. You want an attorney who will help you fight to keep your freedom and avoid conviction. If your civil rights were violated, through a police officer's use of excessive force or otherwise, you deserve a lawyer who will stand up for you against the power of the government. And if you are going through a divorce or custody battle, you deserve an attorney who will keep your family's best interests at heart.

Attorney John Hart, the founder of Hart Law PLLC, is a skilled Harrisonburg criminal defense attorney serving clients in Virginia and New York. As a former AAU boxer, he understands what it takes to win a fight and is committed to defending your rights. As a former prosecutor, he knows how much is at stake in your case and he will go the distance for you.

With offices in Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach and New York City, we handle criminal defense, family law and civil rights cases throughout Virginia and New York. Call 866-345-1737 or email us to set up a free consultation.

Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Defense

At Hart Law PLLC, we defend our clients against all types of criminal charges. Whether you are accused of fraud, drug possession, DUI, sex crimes or any other offense, we are here for you. Attorney Hart has nearly 25 years of experience handling criminal cases in state and federal courts. We believe in equal justice under the law. Our founder, John Hart, brings extensive experience into the courtroom, including time spent as a prosecutor. He understands the systems and will do everything possible to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Protecting Your Civil Rights

Our Harrisonburg firm's commitment to justice applies not only in criminal cases, but in civil lawsuits as well. We regularly represent people whose fundamental, constitutionally protected civil rights have been violated by police, prosecutors, prison guards and other officials. We are not afraid to take on powerful police departments and correctional systems in an effort to hold officials accountable for their conduct and to recover compensation for clients who were harmed by that conduct, whether it be police brutality, a prison beating or racial profiling.

Here for Your Family

Our lawyers are passionate about helping people when their family lives intersect with the law. We help clients with issues of divorce, custody, support, property division and everything else that a family might face. We seek to resolve these issues as quickly and effectively as possible, whether through mediation or in-court litigation.

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If you are accused of a crime or if you feel your civil rights were violated by law enforcement in Virginia or New York, reach out to Hart Law PLLC for help. Call toll free at 866-345-1737 or send us an email to schedule a free and confidential consultation.